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We create with many different mediums in art class, including tempera paints, watercolor, marker, modeling clay, textiles, colored pencil, scratchboard, printmaking, and more. Our projects are about ourselves, our school, nature, our experiences, and we create collaborative pieces together. Students are given a choice and build problem-solving skills, exploration, creativity, collaboration, and communication. Our program follows the National Core Art Standards of Creating, Responding, Connecting, and Presenting relative to each grade level.
We hope that students come to art class with excitement to create and are ready to roll their sleeves up to get into some art materials. Students who are safe (with their bodies and with art materials), responsible, and willing to try new things are very successful in our classroom. In the art room, we are challenged, grow, learn, try new things, and create beautiful art pieces.
Student artwork is regularly displayed in the hallways at our school and at the end of the year art show to showcase the creative and unique work that our students make throughout the school year. We also seek to connect with our community and always look for opportunities to display artwork around Harrisville and invite visiting artists into the classroom. Art is an integral part of life, and we seek to consistently help our students make connections between their artwork and the world around them.