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About Wells Memorial School

The staff at Wells Memorial provides instruction to 51 students in kindergarten through grade six (6). Harrisville students in grades seven (7) and eight (8) attend Keene Middle School.

A trademark of Wells Memorial School is its emphasis on multi-age instruction. This enhances student teacher relationships and students' self-esteem, promotes academic achievement and social growth, and is responsive to the developmental needs of children. The school also offers an innovative K-6 Spanish language program.

Our Vision

The Harrisville-Wells Memorial School believes in diversity and well-being. We seek to enable students to independently solve problems, collaborate and communicate respectfully, take academic risks, and to develop a positive growth mindset.

Mission Statement

The Harrisville-Wells Memorial School community is dedicated to creating a hands-on learning environment and promoting critical-thinking skills, collaboration, and tolerance for others.
“Knowledge and responsibility for today and tomorrow…”