Testimony to the State Board of Education on Ed 306 Rules

You may recall that we held a public presentation of the first draft in May 2023 that resulted in the submission of THIS letter I shared with all of you and sent to those it is addressed to in June 2023.  

In the following months, there were additional public sessions held throughout the state and, in all fairness, a number of revisions to the original proposed changes were made.  However, there still exist some proposed changes that may be harmful to public education, some by the task force contracted to make the proposed changes and some by the NH Department of Education.  I have put together a side by side by side by side review to show the evolution of the proposed changes so that we can all be aware of what and when changes were made.  The 2/13/24 column is what is before the State Board.

I am also sharing with you a:

  1. “Talking Points” document that includes guidance on what to look for as you review the proposed changes 

  2. 3 Minute Video that highlights some of the concerns with the proposed changes for your consideration

  3.  Collaborative Letter from esteemed organizations urging the State Board to carefully consider the approval of these standards.

Why Does This Matter?

There are several reasons why this matters, but most notably is what the proposed changes may do with regard to the high quality of education our students deserve here in the Granite State.  The three resources above illustrate the concerns we should all be aware of.

What Can You Do?

  • Attend the NH State Board of Education Ed 306 Hearing on April 3, 2024 (1-4:30 pm) 

  • Provide verbal and/or written testimony at the hearing. If you plan to speak, also provide your testimony in writing. Submit your testimony to [email protected].

  • Call, write, and talk to your elected officials

  • Share your thoughts with friends and neighbors

  • Provide your responses to this 3 question survey by 9am, Wednesday April 3, 2024 and I will reflect your level of support in my testimony to the State Board of Education.