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Welcome to the Harrisville Wells Memorial Library Media Center Web-page!

In our library, we explore new ideas and learn to solve problems using a variety of tools including books, magazines, technology, and our creative minds.
We read books about the things we're learning in our classes and we read books about things and people who are just like us and different from us. We learn how to find things in the library so that we can read for pleasure and to learn new things and we learn how to use digital resources including Google Apps for Education and the Internet.
Our library is also a Maker Space and a STEAM lab, where we learn about how to design and build things to solve problems. Sometimes we use tools like LittleBits, K'Nex,or Legos and sometimes we use Duck Tape, markers, straws, paper, cardboard, and pipe cleaners.
In our library, we know we're still learning about keeping track of library books.
We know that things sometimes get lost so we don't charge library fines or replacement fees. When that happens, we have three choices for what to do:
  1. Replace the book with the same book that got lost.
  2. Replace the book with a new or gently used book we think our friends would enjoy.
  3. Say we're sorry and try to keep better track of our books in the future.