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Events from 2015-2016



We have recently gotten back into the garden beds to prep them for planting.  So far we have weeded them and added compost.  We were happy to find that some spinach survived the winter, as well as a few onions, and our sorrel and chives.  Soon we will plant lettuce, carrots, and potatoes.  Looking for worms in the soil is almost as much fun as gardening for the kindergartners!

The Kindergarten Store!

For two afternoons in late March, our class ran a school supply store.  We prepared for our store by learning the names and values of the different coins and learning to trade one dollar for four quarters or ten dimes.  We also made posters to advertise our store, and made labels and price tags for the items we were selling.  The kindergartners had great fun trying the roles of greeter, cashier, sales clerk and bagger, and our store was a big hit with the rest of the school community.  The sixth graders were great helpers for the kindergartners during the store hours.  We made $44.17, which the kindergarteners voted to donate to the Monadnock Humane Society.  Thanks for everyone who supported our store!

Butterly Museum Field Trip

In early March we took a fun trip with our fifth and sixth grade buddies to Magic Wings to learn more about butterflies and other tropical plants and animals.  We had a great time trying to get the butterflies to land on us!

Our Trip to Steve's Sugarhouse

  • The Sugarhouse
  • Collecting Sap
  • Hauling Sap To The Sugarhouse
The Sugarhouse
The Sugarhouse


Every day after snack, the kindergartners joyfully grab their book bags and settle into their book nooks with a partner to practice reading.  This is also a time I conference with students individually to hear them read and to work on new skills.  After practicing a book a number of times, the students have a chance to read it out loud to the class.  Their audience is always appreciative, and often children choose a new book based on what they've heard another student share.  In addition to these aspects of Readers Workshop, students also learn literacy skills such as phonemic awareness, alphabet skills, phonics, handwriting, sentence structure and concepts of print through the Fundationsand Heggerty programs.  I also read numerous picture books (and later in the year, chapter books) to the class, and we work on vocabulary and comprehension skills as part of each read aloud session.


In November we searched for the biggest tree near the school.  The kindergartners used measuring tools to find the circumference of different trees. The winner was a spruce tree that was 94 inches around!  To learn more, read a brief article I wrote for the December issue of Common Threads, Harrisville's newspaper.  

Here's the link:


GARDENING - We harvested & tasted many tomatoes, some sorrel, chives, and peppers from our school gardens.  We've also picked and eaten some apples from a tree that was planted by kindergartners almost 14 years ago!  Still to come . . . harvesting potatoes, onions, and a few carrots, and hopefully some cooking projects.


MONARCH CATERPILLARS  - We are raising monarch caterpillars in our classroom.  It is exciting to see them grow so quickly, and we look forward to seeing them make their chrysalises and emerge as butterflies in the next few weeks.  Right now, we are busy feeding them lots of milkweed leaves!

CLASSROOM COMMUNITY - We spent the first week and a half of school getting to know each other and learning school rules and routines.  We met many new teachers and began our music, art, and P. E. specials.  We also found our place in the greater school community during whole school meetings, recess, and lunch.  We were excited to meet and spend time with our 5th and 6th grade buddies!

NOVEMBER 1, 2015

Fire Safety - On Friday we learned fire safety tips from the Harrisville Fire Department, viewed a fire rescue truck, and escaped out the back window of a special fire safety trailer.  Please talk to your child about where to go if the smoke alarm at home goes off.  The fire department would like every family to have a safe meeting spot outside where the whole family can gather.   


As part of our science unit on trees, kindergartners have been observing the big maple tree outside the school.  Every week they record (in pictures) the amount and color of the leaves that are still on the tree.  We were surprised to see how quickly the maple is losing its leaves.  We have also been learning about the different parts of a tree, and observing leaves from different trees to note their similarities and differences.  

Check out Mrs. Dery's 5/6 page for some photos of a fall forest scavenger hunt we did with our older buddies!


Kindergartners enjoy working with a partner to put number cards in order and play the card game  "Top It".  In math this month, we are focusing on writing "teen numbers", practicing counting to 100, learning to read more 2-digit numbers, and solving addition and subtraction number stories using counters.

SEPTEMBER  30, 2015

INSECTS  -  Kindergartners were excited to watch our monarchs emerge from their chrysalises.  We named each butterfly and wished them well as we released them.  We said goodbye to Butter Flutter, Peacefly, Pancake, Cake, and Nick!  
The children also had fun dressing up as a butterfly, and learning more about insects from Harris Center naturalist Jenna Spear.

COOKING - We have already completed a number of cooking projects this year, including making tomato sauce, baking pizza, and cooking applesauce.  The kindergartners are adventurous eaters, and are willing to try everything we make.